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Reliquary Update Preview

    See what's coming in next week's update!

Relic System

Introducing the all new Relic System where that includes a new equipment type called relics that further increases wielders' attributes! However, before anyone can benefit from this increase, these relics will need to be appraised first from the Relic Appraiser found in Hakain's Crossing. Level 55 characters and above are the only ones that can equip these relics. With the invasion of the God of Ruin at our doorstep, everyone will need to bear these new equipment to defend Midellas.

World Raid Event: Hakain's Crossing

Gather in Hakain's Crossing once again to defeat a general from the God of Ruin's army. Merciless has managed to reach the capital and it's everyone's rightful duty to defend the land and it's people.

World raid event: stygaea

A call to arms has sounded over at Stygaea to defeat another general from the God of Ruin's army. Brancas is ready to challenge everyone from the region to fight for supremacy!

World Raid Event

These generals will only spawn at a certain time of the day, be sure to be prepared and join the others for victory!

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