Rift of the Damned Update Preview

Rift of the Damned Update Preview

    See what's coming in the October 5th update!

Level Cap increase

The new Rift of the Damned update will introduce a level cap increase to 40! Power up your Rider in preparation for what awaits them as they journey into the void. Try out the new skills and abilities for your class and how they will change the way you battle enemies in PvE and PvP!

Tritael Rift

The Tritael Rift was created when the powerful forces of the Goddess Ellora collided with those of the God of Ruin, Zelnaris, creating a dark shattered land full of floating crumbling isles. Now the power of Ellora is fading, and the balance could be broken, causing destruction to Hakanas! Join the Pegasus Knights and explore this mysterious place littered with the corpses of dragons and titans. Work together to prevent the disaster!

Riders (level 34 and above) can also explore the Tritael Field, home to the strangely mutated creature, Jumawau. Beware of the ancient monsters, Void Letonsia and Void Kargyle, familiars created by the collision of Ellora and Zelnaris. They have adapted to this broken world and soar through its dark skies, unaffected by the void.

Rift of the Damned Update Preview

The Breach

Riders (level 39 and above) will discover the center of this shattered land, known as the Breach. This area is inhabited by an army of countless evil spirits, those of the monsters slain by heroes. Meet Supreme Commander Izhora, who seeks vengeance against Salant, the Virtue, who did slay him in life. His hatred has caused the spirit army to rise and grow stronger. The Breach also contains Umax the Devourer, a creature that accidentally fell through the Breach and became more powerful by devouring the evil spirits in this land.

Rift of the Damned Update Preview

Mythical Guardians

As the Khabimist and warriors of the Exarahn Kingdom fought, they were soon overtaken by the Linight Undead Army. As the three forces struggled for control, they awakened the Mythical Guardians in the Exarahn Badlands! Abyssal Vylet, the Immortal Bone Dragon, hides in Umbra Canyon, along with Ingid and Ura. Terrible Pyludd nests within the magma of Broken Caldera. Seek them out and tame them to become your ally in battle.

Rift of the Damned Update Preview

New Familiars

Many more new familiars will be available for you to tame and add to your collection as both mounts and pets!

Rift of the Damned

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