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Sandstorm Update Preview

    See what’s coming in next week’s update!


A new field raid boss arises from the sands of Cloying Wastes! This giant field raid boss uses his massive size to generate strong gusts of wind to obliterate all who stand in his path. Riders (level 50 recommended) will need to band together in far greater numbers than ever before to shatter this monster and bury him once and for all!


Enter Stygaea, the new PvP zone! Riders (level 40 and above) from all the servers in a region (North America or Europe) will enter into a single zone for their region and wage war server against server! You will be friendly to all Riders from your server and Riders from any other server are the enemy! Clash against others and slay the monarchs of Stygaea to earn new coins that can be used to upgrade your gear and dominate in this forsaken land! Stygaea

Ellora’s Spire

Riders (level 50 and above) will be flying solo in their efforts to reach the top of Elora’s Spire in search of fame and fortune. Those who advance high enough shall earn their place on weekly and monthly ranking ladders. Challenge your fellow Riders and vie for a top spot to earn amazing rewards and the fame that comes with being the best! Sandstorm Update Preview

Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby

Party up with Riders across all the servers in your region (North America or Europe) to challenge the dungeons in Riders of Icarus! Enter a lobby accessible to all players in your region and create your party. Find a group faster, clear more dungeons, grab more loot, and bond with more of your fellow Riders with the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby. Sandstorm Update Preview 

New Familiars

Stygaea features three new incredible familiars for you to tame and add to your collection!

Sandstorm Update Preview

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